The goal of the internship program at Piedmont Equine is to produce an intern who is a well-rounded practitioner ready to expand their skills in any and all facets of equine practice. 

With the recent growth of our program to four interns, there has been an improvement with regards to the amount of on-call that is required compared to previous years. Piedmont aims to prioritize intern quality of life in a job that is oftentimes demanding. A 3-day “weekend” off is provided every 4 weeks. Interns rotate through a set schedule as Ambulatory Intern, Outpatient Intern, Sports Medicine Intern and Hospital Intern in 2-week blocks. Each intern will work within their respective area to monitor/treat patients and assist with scheduled, daily appointments and emergencies. Direct or indirect supervision will be provided. Each intern will actively participate in rounds (daily, in-hospital and weekly, clinic-wide, sit-down case presentations/literature reviews).Our strength is our versatility within our programs.  We have 11 ambulatory veterinarians, as well as a robust hospital/critical care program overseen by a boarded surgeon.  We have an equine ophthalmologist and a veterinarian with a special interest in dentistry, who both work routinely out of our practice. Our veterinarians commonly focus on complex lameness exams and indepth pre-purchases with acupuncture and chiropractic offerings available.  We provide routine herd health, reproductive and emergency care. Piedmont does an exceptional job allowing their veterinarians to pursue their special interests and further their education with CE. We have top of the line radiology and ultrasound equipment and in-house nuclear scintigraphy. We have great support staff in the clinic and respect people at all levels whether they are assistants in the barn, front office staff, or veterinarians.  We take pride in our ability to work together as a team and being efficient. We produce a well-rounded, above average equine veterinarian and we are proud to promote them in their future endeavors, whether these be specialized training or general practice.




The internship is a one-year salaried position with benefits typically reserved for recent graduates of veterinary school. In order to apply for the internship a one-week externship is required prior to application and we encourage all visits to be complete before Labor Day of the year in which they are applying. A letter of intent, resume, three letters of recommendation and transcripts are required for the application. Prospective interns must be licensed to practice in the USA prior to starting the internship.  Housing is provided for both interns and externs (separately).

Please see Avenues on the AAEP website for more information –http://AAEP Student Hub

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