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“This is absolutely the greatest equine practice I’ve ever dealt with. The front staff is so helpful and friendly, the techs are cheerful and brighty, and the vets are astounding and brilliant. I’ve experienced everything from a mutilated hoof to an eye removal to euthanasia to routine things and I’m so delighted. Dr. Young, the (previous) surgeon is a miracle worker and Dr. Theiss, one of the vets on the road is so smart, calm and personable. I have worked for vets and had many different practices see my personal horses and I firmly believe Piedmont is the best of the best.”

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“First visit yesterday. Staff is exceptionally friendly, courteous, and qualified. They all worked together as I coordinated two veterinarians for the same visit. I highly recommend.”

“Wonderful Drs and staff!”

“Thank you to Joe Davis, and the entire Piedmont team, for bringing Mick Dreamy back 100%. Could never do it without you. You’re the best!”

“Many thanks to Dr.Davis for all the years of great care he gave Elliot. The expertise,kindness and support ,you provided at the end of his life is appreciated more than you can know.”

“Truly amazing vets! I have been happy with everything and trust that my horse is in great care! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and excellent customer service!”

“You all are the best!”

“I would like to give a special thank you to Dr Nolan and his team for such a great job today you are a big part of our team.♥”


I have been using Piedmont for years. They have been FABULOUS!! They saved my mare’s life….not one time, but 3 times! I have used them for the simplest of thing to very complex issues. I have been very pleased that even when my normal vet (Dr. Davis) is not available, the other doctors are well aware of what is going on with my horses.

Dr. Young performed colic surgery on one of my horses at Piedmont July 2010. The care was incredible and the horse recovered quicker than expected. It was also less expensive than the colic surgery Dr. Young did on another gelding when he was at EMC……..and that was back in 2002!!

Recently Dr. Anikis came out to treat one of our sick cows and then a week later Dr. Theiss came out to put her down. They were just as compassionate and caring with the cow as they are with the horses…….even calling to get updates on her condition.

I find them much less expensive than EMC and VEI and very comparable to the other equine vets in the area. I can’t even think of one negative thing……..well, maybe they could have built their practice a little closer to me! :winkgrin:

The office staff is amazing, too!I

Cannot thank Piedmont Equine Practice enough! I found my pony foundered in the field today. I called the answering service and Dr. Theiss (sp?) herself called me back in less than five minutes. She also arrived in less than 45 minutes. She and her assistant were so pleasant and friendly! She diagnosed my pony within minutes and was very thorough. I have never had such wonderful service on a sick horse before. I will only call Piedmont from now on. I’m truly blessed to have them as my equine vet. Thank you so so much! A

Absolutely love Piedmont! They took amazing care of my mare, Alle. Everyone there went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and happy. She loved all the attention she received. I honestly think she was sad to leave! The vets and interns kept me informed of her daily progress. I was allowed to be there for all of her procedures, and they never made me feel like I was in the way. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping Alle feel better!

Piedmont Equine, specifically the incredible Dr. Courtney Bolam and Dr. Alexis Theiss, went above and beyond for the emergency care of both my horses. So thankful for their fantastic team working 24/7 over a holiday weekend when two of my horses fell ill suddenly. The facility is immaculate, the staff is friendly and attentive, and I got calls around the clock with routine updates as promised from Dr. Bolam. They were so accommodating with the needs for our horses. I would not use any other practice in an emergency situation again with my babies. Thank you so much Piedmont!!


I have been using Piedmont for a number of years and absolutely love them. Dr. Theiss is my ‘regular’ vet and typically the first one to come out. She’s fabulous and hs reall gone out of her way for my horses, even for some annoying but ultimately non-life threatening injuries.

Dr. Nolan has been at my farm for two colic emergencies and was great.

And unfortunately, my younger horse has been seen by most of the vets there while trying to diagnose a low graade mystery lameness. The team approach really helped pin it down, and they did some pretty cool diagnostics on him to find the real problem.


I’ve used Dr. Bowman since I moved out here in Oct ’98. Never had any issues. Yes, he can get running behind schedule. Spend a day with any vet and you realize it’s not always easy for them to stay on schedule! Horses take longer than planned, more horses get pulled out to look at, talkative client, etc. I’ve had him work on everything from foals to 3* eventers. He’s fantastic.

Dr. Johnson has been doing everyone’s teeth for 7-8 years. When I’ve taken horses for PPEs, vet have commented that he’s done a good job.

Dealt with Dr. Davis and Dr. Theiss for a few emergencies. Both have been good. Have not had personal experience with the other vets.

When I’ve gone to the clinic everyone has been great to work with and very professional. As Eponacelt said there will be people who haven’t had good experiences with them, You can say that about everyone, in and out of the horse world. It’s finding who you mesh well with. Piedmont has been growing since I’ve been here. They must be doing something right!


Used them for several years and no complaints. Typically see Dr. Sean Bowman or Dr. Theiss, and Dr. Johnson has almost always done my horse’s teeth. Dr. Bowman has been the best at pinpointing my horse’s on/off again lameness issue and found a simple thing that others missed….after his recommendations and some maintenence advice, I now have a sound, happy horse. Bowman and Nolan are both excellent for lameness. They are caring, knowledgeable and have been prompt almost every visit. I have also found their interns to always be excellent.


The vets at Piedmont are excellent. Usually you have a practice with one good vet, and others that are very inexperienced, bad attitudes, or both. I have met all of the vets at Piedmont except for Dr. Nolan (go figure), and just love ALL their attitudes.

Piedmont is a practice that does not try to run up the bill like other practices, and their fees have been very reasonable.

My first choice I guess would be Dr. Diehl, but Dr. Anikis, Dr. Bowman, and Dr. Davis are also outstanding.

Dr. Theiss may be the least experienced, but she has a super attitude, and you can pick her brain. She has a huge heart, and will try her best for you. Her attitude will make her a top vet when she is a bit more experienced, but she does, as she should, err on the side of caution. She really wants to learn, and will listen to the horse owners thoughts and observations.

Dr. David Johnson is their dentist, and has been described as the Andy Taylor of veterinary medicine. I was sad to see him give up regular practice to focus on dentistry, but we do benefit from a dental specialist.

Piedmont office staff is also super.


For the area I find Piedmont’s prices to be spot on, and perhaps on the more reasonable side compared to another local practice I dealt with initially (and did not like at all). I also find they don’t suggest treatments that are not necessary, helping to keep costs down.


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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! For immediate respone at 5 p.m. on a Sunday! You all are wonderful! I so appreciate your help and kindness. I know I can always count on you. 3/11/12