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  • Aug 16 2019

    Anhidrosis by Dr. Christy Moore

    Lifelearn Admin |

    Anhidrosis is a condition where horses do not sweat or sweat very little in situations where unaffected horses would normally sweat. The exact cause of anhidrosis has not been definitively…

  • Aug 02 2016

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    Banamine Injectible

    Lifelearn Admin |

    For the foreseeable future Banamine injectable will not be available at all. Banamine paste is available, and as far as we know it will continue to be. Check here for…

  • Jun 17 2016

    Piedmont Equine News

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    Banamine injectable is no longer available and we don’t know how long the shortage will last. Banamine paste is available at present. We will update as soon as we know…